Why Culture is Key


This week’s episode has a bit of a different format. Instead of the usual answering of questions, it features an interview with Darren Chait, one of the co-founders of Hugo and co-author of 10x Culture. 

We dive into why culture is the key lever to growing an organization and ensuring everyone on your team is engaged to deliver the best results they can.

So why are we talking about culture on a marketing show?

Because marketing to me is about everything you do. It’s not just about the channels you market in or pay per click strategies. Marketing is about how you build your company and present it to the world.

That includes how you run things and how your employees talk about their experience working there. Your employees are brand ambassadors for your company. You need them to execute on your plans. If you have unmotivated employees who despise their jobs, it will show it in the work. It will show up in glassdoor reviews, which in turn will hurt your organization from attracting top talent in the future.

Without that top talent, you’re limiting your organization’s growth and future profits.

As they say in the Marvel universe, it’s all connected.

Last modified: July 18, 2020