What to Do When Your Marketing Budget Runs Out


There’s only so much money available to start ups and bootstrapped companies. 

When you are rocking and rolling and your marketing strategies are bearing fruit, everything is great!

Occasionally you might be faced with the opposite scenario and your marketing budget is running dry and you aren’t able to get any more cash. The show must go on though and you have numbers and goals to hit!

What’s a marketer to do without spending a dime? The answer is, it’s tough.

There are strategies you can explore that take a bit of time to pull off but ultimately marketing is going to cost you time or money. Without money you’ll be spending your time or the time of your team on trying some grass-root efforts to get your product out there.

The listener in today’s episode is facing this situation and needs some creative strategies to market their business once their money runs out.

Last modified: July 21, 2020