What the buzzword ‘Product Market Fit’ Really Means


The marketing industry sure has a lot of buzzwords.

For an industry that coins a lot of phrases and uses words to position products and convince people to take actions, it also has a ton of buzzwords that can take years to learn.

There’s tons of acronyms too, like SEO, SEM, PPC, ROI, etc. The further you get into the space the more of these terms you’ll come across.

Just because you are a seasoned marketing veteran doesn’t mean you know them all.

One term that you often hear in marketing and the start up space is ‘Product Marketing Fit’. 

In this episode a listener writes in wondering what this term means as it seems similar to work she’s done in her corporate brand building career but the way it’s used by those in the start up space seems rather basic.

Let’s see if we can help her understand this term and break it down a bit ourselves.

Last modified: July 21, 2020