What do I do with my interns?


How to make the most of having interns on your team.

Interns can be tricky. They are likely green and need lots of guidance but can be a huge lever to help you move the yardsticks on your business objectives.

In today’s episode we hear from a listener who is having trouble with his marketing interns. First, he needs some advice getting approval for interns from his superiors. Secondly he doesn’t know what kind of work to give the interns because he doesn’t trust them yet.

This does sound like a classic example of a ‘What can first? The chicken or the egg” scenario.

It all comes back to having a plan. A plan of what your objectives are and how you plan to achieve them. What strategies and tactics will you use?

And most importantly where is the best place to use your time? The important part of this answer is also learning where not to spend your time, which is where interns can help share the burden – once you’ve trained them of course.

Last modified: July 21, 2020