Re-Branding Your Instagram

Podcast, Social Media

Sometimes you just need a fresh start and the same thing goes for your Instagram or social media feed. You should never hold anything too sacred and that goes for content and imagery you have produced in the past.

Big upheavals in content and strategy usually accompany someone new arriving to an organization. This is an exciting time. Change is always great for growth and I always love being exposed to new ideas.

However there are ways to make these changes and sometimes you need to identify whether a change is needed at all.

In this episode we explore a question from a college student who has been put in charge of the social media channels, namely Instagram of a small coffee shop in her area. She wants to re-brand and overhaul the entire content strategy of this channel and needs advice on how to do so.

Let’s dive in and see how we can help.

Last modified: November 6, 2019