Marketing Without Sales Attribution


For many companies, the line between marketing efforts and sales is clear. You can track someone through your marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline and see when they ultimately convert and give you money.

Unfortunately not all business models are set up this way. What if you don’t directly sell your own products and people visit stores anonymously to purchase them? What if the data you get from those stores don’t provide much feedback to help you attribute effort to sales?

There are many unknowns in this scenario, the buyer’s journey is littered with question marks. 

A listener on today’s episode sells a product and markets it but relies on their retail partners to sell it. They have certain metrics they can measure but cannot attribute any of them to a final sale. They are also looking to build a physical showroom and drive traffic to it as well! 

Lets see how we can help them.

Last modified: July 18, 2020