Marketing a High Price Point Certification Business


Some people find themselves in the fortune position of having a product or service that someone needs.

When I see needs, I’m not referring to something that is nice to have or a service that improves workflows but isn’t mission critical. I’m talking about a product like internet service, electricity, water, and certifications.

Certifications? That doesn’t really fit in that list does it? It really does though when not having certifications means you likely aren’t getting paid.

Some businesses will only work with other companies that are certified in specific areas. In turn those companies need to hire employees or consultants that are also certified. The beauty of this model is that those certifications need to be retaken every so often, so you have a potential recurring source of income.

But how do you market this business and who do you market to? Well that’s exactly what we tackle on today’s episode.

Last modified: July 18, 2020