Launching a New Restaurant


Starting any new business can be overwhelming. There are just so many things to do and entrepreneurs often have to wear so many different hats.

Without a ton of capital to hire and train employees, most of these entrepreneurs find themselves on the frontline doing the work and maybe finding time for marketing and strategy after their business has closed.

This is particularly true for first time budding restaurateurs who don’t have large financial backings, and are often figuring things out as they go. 

In this episode, Amy’s mom is one such entrepreneur who is working nonstop in her new Sushi and Poke restaurant on the floor. Amy is trying to contribute and help her mom by getting their digital marketing and web presence up and running. 

At the moment there is an overwhelming amount of things for Amy to focus on, from figuring out why and how they would use social media like instagram, to building a website, and getting their Google My Business page filled out with great photos and customer testimonials. 

Amy needs some help with the strategy behind marketing her mom’s restaurant but also with prioritizing what to focus on first.

Let’s dive in and help her out!

Last modified: July 16, 2020