How to Pivot Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Times are tough. Your business needs to change or quite possibly disappear.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept over the world and overnight has seemingly changed life as we know it. Millions of small businesses around the world are affected and not all will be able to survive this storm.

Who will survive largely depends on the type of industry these businesses are in, their cash reserves and other assets they had going in but most importantly what radical changes they can make to weather the storm.

Today’s episode features a question from a listener whose favorite business is facing dire times with the challenges of trying to stay open during this pandemic. Their regular customer base has dried up and people aren’t coming through the door. 

If this business keeps operating the same way it has for the last twenty years, it will be a vacant building with a for lease sign in a few months.

Lets see what we can do to help them out.

Last modified: July 21, 2020