How to Deal with Multiple Conflicting Approvers On Your Work


Lack of communication between stakeholders can grind things to a halt.

Throughout my years working across many different teams and organizations I’ve learned how mission critical communication is.

Sure, it seems easy but it also seems, based on my past experience, that so many people get it wrong, all the time.

Perhaps it’s because everyone thinks it’s easy and that it comes naturally, that they neglect to do it. The failure to communicate effectively can ultimately lead to loss of productivity, staff and even your company’s cold hard cash. 

In this episode, our listener is in a tough spot. Their blog content needs to be approved by several senior level people who appear not to be on the same page regarding their strategy or customers. Each offers their own contradictory revisions making it impossible to get everyone to agree on a final piece of content. 

What can one lowly content marketer due to manage up and get these high salaried superiors on the same page?

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Last modified: July 18, 2020