Do I Really Need a Website in 2020?


Even in 2020, many companies still operate without an online presence.

The answer should be obvious but this answer can be a bit complicated depending on the industry and company itself.

While we are well into the digital revolution, you’ll still find many small businesses that simply don’t have a website to communicate with its customers.

For consumer facing businesses like restaurants or shops this can cause unwarranted friction and frustration from customers. While it may not be an immediate death knell, not having a website or other online presence can result in a company unknowingly losing out on lots of business.

But what about other industries and types of small businesses?

Many business to business (B2B) companies rely on relationships to build their business. They generate new clients primarily through word of mouth and referrals. 

Do these types of businesses really need a website?

Let’s find out in this episode

Last modified: July 18, 2020