Hey there – I’m Eric and I run the Marketing SOS blog and podcast. I’ve been working in marketing and digital entrepreneurship for the last ten years. I love coming up with strategies to match people with products or services that actually add value to their lives.

I’ve worked in both big and small organizations, established corporations and new start ups. At the same time I’ve launched and grown a couple of companies myself. I continue to learn a lot about all different kinds of marketing, thriving in the workplace and most importantly, that I genuinely enjoy teaching others and helping with their problems.

This is the reason I created Marketing SOS, so that I can connect directly with people like you and help guide you down the right track when it comes to marketing or working in the field of marketing.

So if you have a small business that needs to kick start its marketing or if you have a question about your career in marketing – I am happy to offer what advice I can.